About Us
Who We Are
MLI understands change is constant in developing environments, we adapt to future and existing demands with smart design. The company believes strongly in flexible space design to meet the ever changing challenges of technology. 

MLI offers individualized service and attention to detail. We are dedicated to making your experience easy, quick and reliable. Whether you are a K-12 school, university, hospital or any institutional or industrial setting, MLI builds to your requirements and the vision you have created. Our products foster exceptional learning environments, mobility with interchangeable design features which allow classrooms and industrial settings to evolve and adapt to the constant changes in innovation. We understand the challenges and needs of each project change on a daily basis. MLI is committed to bringing quality wood and plastic lminate casework products delivered on time and to your specifications. 
Markets We Serve: Alabama, North and South Carolina and Tennessee.

MLI strives to assist customers in meeting budgetary requirements while delivering quality, functional casework products.
Why Choose MLI
 Magcor Lab Interiors will give you the professional service you have been looking for.
Here at Magcor Lab Interiors, professionalism is always a top priority. Whenever we receive a bid invitation or a request to quote, we go to work to give you the best price and best quality products. Every quote and order is carefully reviewed and you can trust you are recieveing a science design and installation appropriate for your school, hospital and industrial site. Everyone in our design team is welcome to pitch ideas that can contribute to the success of the job. Every project we handle resembles the bridge of trust that we're building with our clients. That's the reason why we treat every project with total care. 

We specialize in wood science casework, plastic laminate casework, fume hoods, epoxy resin countertops and service fixtures. We also offer wood library furniture. We are flexible enough to handle our client's request and our manufacturer will build to your specifications.

Currently, we are serving clients in Alabama, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. While you may think that our scope is limited, it actually works best for us. This allows us to work closely with our clients and carefully review their orders.