What MLI Offers

If you have a specific project in mind, MLI can turn that into a reality.

Here at Magcor Lab, we offer a high-quality professional work without compromising your time. As soon as you have sent us your quote and consulted with us, we will get to work right away. With this astounding level of work etiquette, we earned the respect of different clients throughout Alabama, North and South Carolina and Tennessee.

To ensure that the quality of our products remains the same, we implement step by step strategies to finish every project. Every step is enacted carefully so that the entire project won't be jeopardized.

Check out the services that we can offer:

Science Casework - Science case work is the cream of the crop of our services. Projects are marketed towards archietects, owners, and general contractors who want specialized wood cabinetry for their labs. K-12 Schools  and Community Colleges are some of the clients that we serviced in the past years.

Plastic Laminate Casework - We now offer Advanced Cabinet Systems plastic laminate casework for the K-12 market in North and South Carolina.

Industrial Lab Casework - Aside from school science labs, we selectively work with Waste Water Treatment Plant contractors.  

Wood Library Furniture - We now offer Tesco Library shelving and circulation desks. Tesco has been manufacturing library furniture since 1954.

We also offer installation with quality certified factory installers for all wood science casework, plastic laminate casework, library shelving and fume hoods. 


Eyewash Units

Acid/Fammable Cabinets


Epoxy resin countertops

Watersaver service fixtures 

Quality Installation